Welcome to HomilayUSA, CforC’s weekly wakeup call to action. It’s not a Homily, because we’re not priests. So it’s a HomiLAY because we’re lay people talking to other Catholic laity.

Dear Friend,

These days, we’ve been hearing a lot about Visibility Days. We know the scandal caused when President Biden tarnished the holy feast of Easter by declaring that sacred day the Transgender Day of Visibility. But enough of the negative. We’ve already addressed that scandal and we’re moving on.

We’ve declared this Sunday, Divine Mercy Sunday, the official Day of Visibility for Detransitioners. It will be a day dedicated to those souls who have woken up to the lie they were told when they were young and have once again embraced the gender God gave them when they were born into this world as male or female. These people are heroes and we laud their courage. 

In the Gospel for Divine Mercy Sunday, Christ appeared to his Apostles in the Upper Room.

Thomas doubted that Jesus had risen from the dead and was confronted face to face with the Risen Lord. Christ showed Thomas his wounds as proof of his Resurrection. In many ways we as a society are like Thomas. We are doubting, pretending that someone can change from a boy to girl, girl to boy, boy to gender xyz. But deep down we know this is a lie and we’re looking the other way. 

And while we do it thousands of innocent children are being hurt in the process as they take poisonous hormone blockers and life changing surgeries. 

To those who have detransitioned a word of comfort. Your bodies bear the scars of crucifixion but like Christ your wounds will be a cause for healing. Chloe Cole is one such girl who has bravely shown the world like Christ showed Thomas, her wounds caused by the sins of men. And in doing so she is causing many doubting Thomas’ to believe.

On this Divine Mercy Sunday, we beg for the mercy of Christ upon our Church and our Society for our part in not speaking up for these kids. They are defenseless and we have been far too silent.  As we celebrate Day of Visibility for Detransitioners we repeat the words of Christ to the world, “Do not be unbelieving but believe.”

God Bless and Fight On!

John C. Yep
Catholics for Catholics



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