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WE WON! Holy Mass Will be Celebrated at the National Cemetery – Biden Administration’s National Park Service Backs Down

Articles, Events | May 25, 2024 | by Catholics for Catholics

The Biden administration’s National Park Service (NPS) initially denied the Knights of Columbus a permit to hold a Memorial Day Mass at a national cemetery in Petersburg, Virginia, citing a policy update that categorized “religious services” as “demonstrations” prohibited at national cemeteries. However, after the Knights filed a lawsuit, the NPS granted them the permit, and the lawsuit has been dropped.

Aside from the lawsuit, what made them reverse course was the mounting pressure put on by patriots from all over who are fed up with the blatant attacks on religion. Catholics for Catholics in just 3 days received over 600 messages of support for the challenge we put out to the Biden Administration to reverse course. That’s incredible.

Here’s the takeaway: We CAN win. We don’t have to sit back and accept the removal of God from our culture. We don’t have to accept the destruction of this nation by those who hate our Country. We the people have always had the power, its just a question of IF we want to use it. This past week we did, and WE WON.

Because of all of you the Holy Mass will be celebrated at the National Cemetery on Memorial Day. This will of course replace the “back up” Mass we had prepared should the Biden Administration’s National Park Service not have backed down.

As we prepare to commemorate the many lives sacrificed for this Country on Monday, allow me to give you a sincere word of thanks. Your financial support makes things like this possible. Our team is lean, mean and a darn good fighting machine. We’re wired for action with our hearts firmly set in prayer. You are our wingmen and we are grateful!

God Bless this amazing Country and all those who paid the ultimate price. A blessed Memorial Day!


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